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On a scale of one to Austin Carlile, how much do you ship Cashby?

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I know we never update this blog anymore  

but I’m gonna try and get back into the habit of it. Any of you guys remember us? :) 

I’ve been using my twitter more recently so here’s some shameless self-promotion- twitter.com/wildimpala I’ll follow back! Dunno about the other admins, but they can add to this post if they want. 


I was going through my folder of last years warped tour. Pretty sure I never posted this one.
Austin Carlile


I was going through my folder of last years warped tour. Pretty sure I never posted this one.

Austin Carlile


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Mother fucking hero.


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Hi, I don't know you but you re blogged my drawing of the heart on ice, with the quote one it, and linked it to a video showing Austin talking about his operation and stuff. I just wanted to say, out of the 45 people that re blogged it, I smiled at yours. Thank you for being, probably the ONLY person, that understood the meaning of that picture <3 It made my day.

Awww you’re welcome! <3 Seeing that drawing made my day. 

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Hey, my name is kelly & i am partnering with the National Marfan Syndrome Foundation to raise money for the cure in remembrance of Austin Carlile's mother & him himself. it would mean the world to me if you could either donate or spread the word around tumblr! i want to get the whole of mice and men population involved because on may 1st im giving Austin the donation receipt with every ones name on it who donated. thanks! facebook "iheartaustincarlile" (no spaces) & all info is there! thx <3

I donated! Spread the word, guys, and check out this post if you haven’t already. 

donation site

fundraising facebook 

im writing an austlan. how do you feel about that?


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link for this inter.? f you were stuck in a music video for the rest of your life, what video would you choose ?Tino: I guess any rap video because they’re just throwing money, popping bottles, buying jet skiesAustin: Any rap video just all up yeah yeah.. popping bottles

lol they’re silly

/post/45090742830/anabundanceofalaskayoung-this-will-always-be DO YOU HAVE THE DERPY PICTURE OF ALAN THAT'S IN THIS


If I do later (because these usually turn up) I’ll update this!

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what does 'always ydg'n' mean? i know its a song but theres any special reason?

YDG is just a saying that Phil made up. It’s short for ‘ya dig’, or ya like?!

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Austin’s smile

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